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Textile technique ARTTEX

ARTTEX ® - is an artistic goblin tapestry realized in a technique of a bounded textile, registered since 1955 as a trade-mark.

The ground material is pure wool (webbing) with an anti carpet-moth modification, processed in a large scale of hues.

The author is realizing the work of art according to his own plan through a technique of lying of the color webbing on the underlying fabric. He is tailoring, mixing, twisting and knotting the soft colored fluffs of wool into various shapes and thereafter compositions, whereby a so called "painting by wool" is arising.

So originated picture will be gradually ironed under a moisturized paper. Prior to the final fixation by a textile machine important details will be stitched to the underlying fabric in order to stabiles the work of art and that unwanted movements will be avoided.

The finalization work of art is the fixation by means of a textile machine to the underlying fabric by various styles:

   1. Needling by a textile machine VS/PS 3000 with powered by computer (width up to 300cm, length unlimited)
   2. Quilting by a textile machine ARACHNÉ (width up to 180cm, length unlimited)

Within the process of creation with this technique it is possible to combine the colored webbing with another soft textile material (for example textile fabric, lace, worsted), but can´t influence his overall thickness (mainly on fixation by quilting).

Final product is a work of art (goblin tapestry), reminiscent of his appearance a goblin.

Artistic goblin tapestry ARTTEX is suitable to be located in representative show-rooms, for original solutions of stage curtains and theatre costumes, as well as an artistic accessory of residential interiors and not least for the production of atypical fabric and decorative curtains.